Coronavirus update

Dear customers please notice our new business hours during coronavirus emergency.

We will be open

11 AM – 6 PM 7 days a week until further notice.

We do all we can to protect our customers and employees from getting sick.  Please follow social distancing rules while in a store.

At Our Store

Come in for a great selection of hard to find groceries from around Europe. We specialize in Eastern European and Central Asian groceries. We carry hard to find cheeses from Georgia and Armenia, vegetable preserves from Azerbaijan and Poland and a big selection of caviar – sturgeon, salmon, pike, cod, carp, herring and more.

Be ready for endless gourmet surprises!

Our store is also well known for a great selection of in-house prepared food. Our stuffed cabbage “golubtsi” and traditional Russian soup, Borscht, have rave reviews on the Internet!